Project Management (PMP® )

Complete guide of all the basic concept of Project Management tools and techniques explained in easy launguage. Do check out the associated YouTube videos on my Channel Digital E-Learning” as well for better understanding.

What is Quality Function Deployment or House of Quality ?

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a structured approach used in product development and design to ensure that customer needs and requirements are effectively translated into ...
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What is a Pugh Matrix? and How to Use it ?

The Pugh Matrix, also known as the decision matrix or grid analysis, is a tool used to evaluate and compare different options or alternatives based ...
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What is BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Matrix ? How to Use the BCG matrix

BCG matrix which is also known as Boston Consulting group matrix was developed in 1970s. It is a planning tool to plot company’s offering or ...
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Network Diagram in Project Management

Let us first understand the importance of project management as it is widely used across various industries including software, Mechanical, Aviation or even in Construction ...
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RACI matrix : Responsibility Assignment matrix | Definition, Template, Examples [2023]

What is RACI Matrix ? Full form of RACI? RACI stands for Responsible (R), Accountable (A), Consulted (C) & Informed (I) . By using a ...
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